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Alubat Ovni 445
Alubat Ovni 445 Description
Replaced the ever popular 435 and, although by a different designer Marc Lombard, has remained true to the Ovni ethos: a real bluewater cruiser which benefits from all the latest design and build technology and is reputed to sail closer to the wind than her predecessor the 435.
Alubat Ovni 445 Characteristics
Length Overall 13.80m
Hull Length 13.40m
Length Waterline 12.68m
Beam 4.29m
Keel Configuration Lifting
Draft 1.05-2.99m
Light Displacement 10,650kg
Ballast 3,740kg
Sail Area 97.4m²
Fuel Capacity 500 litres
Water Capacity 540 litres
Designer Marc Lombard
CE Approval Class A

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