OvniCat 48
Ovni are famed as good bluewater aluminium yachts. Why not a catamaran in aluminium with the ethos and characteristics of the Ovni brand?  This was the question asked of Alubat by one of their Ovni owners and has led to the drawing up of plans for the OvniCat 48.  Alain Mortain of the designers Mortain & Mavrikios was tasked with the design based on his catamaran design expertise.

Just like the Ovni yachts, the OvniCat will be simple but modern, no lifting keels but fixed wings. The main accommodation, housing the galley and main saloon will have panoramic glass windows protected by an overhanging roof.  This catamaran is not designed for the charter market, rather for smaller cruising crews and the cabins reflect this: the starboard hull houses the owners suite whereas two double cabins and a toilet/shower compartment occupy the port hull.