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KM Yacht Builders Stadtship 56 Yacht
Stadtship 56 Description

An aluminium sailing yacht with a length over 17 metres and a draught of 80 centimetres? No problem! Thanks to a lift keel (0.80 – 3.15m), two retractable rudders and a 15 mm aluminium bottom, this Stadtship 56 can safely rest on mud flats, navigate shallow coastal waters and cross oceans. This yacht is easy to sail with a two-man crew but will accommodate more in this comfortable, fast sailing yacht.

The Stadtship 56 design allows for owner customisation and those built to-date have taken advantage of that possibility.

Stadtship 56 Characteristics


Length Overall 17.20m
Waterline Length 16.00m
Beam 5.05m
Draft 0.80 – 3.15m
Displacement +/- 24T
Designer Van der Stadt

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