Your adventure starts here.

A year on and the September issue of Sailing Today has another article written by Paul Brown detailing their bank holiday trip to the Channel Islands aboard their Ovni 385. He comments that time seems slower there but maybe they just packed a lot in. Their earlier exploits to the Scilly Isles were in the August 2013 edition of Sailing Today. Both are good reads for the cruising sailor and prove that Ovnis are suitable for cruising close to home or in far flung places.

Look out also for ‘The Adventures of Stenfis – an Ovni 345’ which appeared in Yachting Monthly. This particular boat has a long list of stamps in her passport and her current owner continues her adventures, often fundraising for good causes along the way.

Most recent spot was an Ovni 32 mixing it up with the tall ships – as seen on the front cover of The Times newspaper on 1st September 2014.